Love Story

A Slot Machine by Casino Technology

Love Story screenshot

Not emulated in MAME


Love Story © 200? Casino Technology.

Love Story, this 5-reel 15-line video slot would appeal to the more romantically disposed players. Colorful graphics and catchy sounds bring life to a bevy of attractive beauties resembling a Hollywood movie. Dancing and singing on the stage of a fancy nightclub they are fighting to win the Miss Show award along with the hearts of their generous darlings. Cupid will find the best love match and the player will receive the highest bonus.


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Love Story bonus : A new screen appears with a nightclub stage, where the Miss Show competition is going on. The player has to select one of the three men sitting at the bar and then - one of the five girls dancing on the stage. This pair remains alone on the screen and the girl thinks of the present she wants from her man. Then the man decides how expensive this present will be.
The girl may want to get :
a fur coat – 1x total bet;
a car – 3x total bet;
an yacht – 4x total bet;
a house – 5x total bet.
The man can multiply the win x1, x3, x10 or x80. Max bonus award is 400x total bet. The bonus prizes table may be seen at the pay table in the HELP menu.


1. Love Story (200?)
2. New Love Story (200?)