Lord Harry

A 35-year-old Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass. by Lotus-Soft

Not emulated in MAME


Lord Harry © 1983 Lotus-Soft.

Poor old Lord Harry, he's just spent a weekend at the country estate of his old school friend Dennis. He had a wonderful time but unfortunately he drank a little too much claret on Sunday night. He lost his way and fell asleep in the garden. It is now Monday morning, Lord Harry has woken to the brightness of day. He's just remembered! He must attend the morning's session in the House of Lords, there is a debate on his favourite subject... Home Brewing... He has got to get out of the garden!!! But how?

The garden has been cleverly designed by Dennis in four sections. Each section has four 2-way gates, one in each wall. Each of the gates leads into another of the sections. Scattered around the ground are suspicious looking mushrooms and our fearless Peer eats these to maintain his energy while trying to find the exit and avoiding the two ferocious guard dogs who are trying to pick up his scent. You are in control of Lord Harry When you find the poison mushroom one of the gates lights up as if by magic, and points the way out. Beware after eating the poison mushroom you have only 99 seconds to find the exit Avoid the dogs and the small pools of water or you will lose one chance.


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