Lode Runner On-Line - The Mad Monks' Revenge

A 23-year-old Microsoft Windows Soft. by Sierra On-Line, Inc.

Not emulated in MAME


Lode Runner On-Line - The Mad Monks' Revenge © 1995 Sierra

For information on the core gameplay, see "Lode Runner - The Legend Returns".

Lode Runner On-Line - The Mad Monks' Revenge is an enhanced version that adds the following elements :

- Online multiplayer via a network or modem

- Liquid tiles that cause characters to drown

- Phaze bricks that appear and disappear

- Regenerating bombs that come back after a certain amount of time

- Auto-exploding and regenerating auto-exploding bombs that explode on creation

- Personalized items : items with gold outline can only be picked up and used by Jake; items with blue outline can only be picked up and used by Wes

- 2 new worlds : Astral World and Reef World, plus a secret "Classic" world resembling the graphics of the original "Lode Runner"

- A brand new built-in 2-player set with 150 puzzles

- 37 new puzzles added to the built-in 1-player set. 1-player puzzles 1-150 are exactly the same as in "Lode Runner - The Legend Returns"; the new puzzles are numbered 151-187.


Designed for PC's running Windows 95, 98, and ME.

Not compatible with the Windows NT kernel.

Will run on Windows XP and newer in compatibility mode.


Lode Runner On-Line - The Mad Monks' Revenge for Windows PC's was released on November 27, 1995.

Although this game is an enhanced version of its predecessor, it is billed as a "sequel".


* Click the upper left corner of the main screen, and then type "yog" (without the quotes). You should hear a clang sound, and cheats will now be enabled.

* Once you've enabled cheats :
- While playing, press Ctrl-F3 to toggle Monk Mode on and off. Press TAB to switch monks. Control the monk using Wes' control. (If you're on a 2-player puzzle, Wes will be frozen).
- Pressing Ctrl-F8 does the same as pressing Ctrl-], except that now you will be allowed to see the cutscenes.

* When selecting a world in the editor, to select the "Classic" world, click the area to the right of the Lava World button, and select. The background will now be pitch black, and the tile set will resemble the original Lode Runner game from 1983.


1. Lode Runner (1983)
2. Lode Runner - The Bungeling Strikes Back (1984)
3. Championship Lode Runner [Model HFC-CR] (1985, Nintendo Famicom)
3. Championship Lode Runner [Model HBS-G047C] (1985, MSX)
3. Championship Lode Runner [Sega My Card] [Model C-57] (1985, SG-1000)
3. Championship Lode Runner (1985, FM-7)
4. Lode Runner - Majin No Fukkatsu (1985)
5. Lode Runner II [Model HBS-G039C] (1985, MSX)
6. Lode Runner's Rescue (1985, Commodore C64)
7. Lode Runner - Teikoku Kara no Dasshutsu (1986)
8. Super Lode Runner [Model IFD-SLR] (1987, Nintendo Famicom Disk System)
8. Super Lode Runner [Model IM-03] (1987, MSX 2)
9. Hyper Lode Runner [Model DMG-HLA] (1989, Nintendo Game Boy)
10. Lode Runner - Lost Labyrinth [Model PV1004] (1990, NEC PC-Engine)
11. Battle Lode Runner [Model HC93054] (1993, NEC PC Engine)
12. Lode Runner Twin - Justy to Liberty no Daibouken [Model SHVC-7Z] (1994, Super Famicom)
13. Lode Runner - The Legend Returns (1994, Windows)
14. Lode Runner On-Line - The Mad Monks' Revenge (1995, PC [MS Windows 95])
15. Lode Runner - The Legend Returns [Model T-25101G] (1996, Sega Saturn)
16. Lode Runner 2 (1998, PC [Windows 95])
17. Power Lode Runner [Model SHVC-BPLJ-JPN] (1999, Super Famicom)
18. Lode Runner 3-D [Model NUS-NLRJ-JPN] (1999, Nintendo 64)
19. Lode Runner for WonderSwan [Model SWJ-BPR004] (2000, Bandai WonderSwan)
20. Lode Runner - Domdom Dan no Yabou [Model DMG-BXLJ-JPN] (2000, Nintendo Game Boy Colors)
21. Lode Runner 2 [SuperLite 1500 Series] [Model SLPM-86460] (2000, Sony PlayStation)
22. Lode Runner - The Dig Fight (2000)
23. Lode Runner [Model AGB-A39J-JPN] (2003, Nintendo Game Boy Advance)
24. Cubic Lode Runner [Hudson Selection Vol.1] [Model DOL-GQRJ-JPN] (2003, Nintendo GameCube)
24. Cubic Lode Runner [Hudson Selection Vol.1] [Model SLPM-62404] (2003, Sony PlayStation 2)


Developed by Presage Software

Lead programmer : Todd Daggert