Loaded [Model SLUS-00076]

A 23-year-old Sony PlayStation Game by Interplay

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Loaded © 1995 Interplay.

Loaded has a reputation - the first PlayStation game to receive an 18 rating. Not too surprisingly, either as the blood runs thick and fast in this cartoon-style, almost but not quite, top-down manic blaster.

The object is simple: progress through the 15 huge levels, collect the keys to open corresponding coloured doors, shoot everything that moves and reach the exit. Sound simple? It isn't. With hundreds of psychotic villains on screen at any one time, cutting a swathe through the enemy and keeping intact isn't easy.

Loaded is one tough nut to crack, and will have the most hardened shoot-em-up fiends reaching for the coffee in the early hours. You have been warned...


Game ID: SLUS-00076


Released on December 12, 1995 in the USA.

Export releases:
[EU] "Loaded [Model SLES-00013]"
[JP] "Blood Factory [Model SLPS-00235]"


Programming: Ashley Bennett, Paul Hiley, Andrew Chapman, Jim Tebbut, Matthew Hopwood, Philip Rankin
Graphics: Michael Hirst, Wai Ming Yuen
Pre‑Rendered 3-D Graphics: Matt Furniss
Original Concept: Adrian Carless, Alex Syrichas
Character Artwork: Greg Staples
Music and Sound FX: Neil Biggin, Patrick Phelan
Additional Music: Pop Will Eat Itself
Map Editor: Steven Lovesey
Level Editing: Simon Short
UK Producer: Mark Glossop
US Producer: Jeremy Airey
US Line Producer: Brian McInerny
US QA: Lawrence Smith, Jeff Woods, Marvic Ambata, Aaton Olaiz, David Hendee, Kyle Shubel, Chris Keenan, Phoung Nguyen, Steve Theskan, Quinn Summers, Glenn Murray
US Director of QA: Jeremy S. Barnes

Game's CD.