Little Masterpiece

A 11-year-old Coin-op Photo Booth by LAI Games

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Little Masterpiece © 2007 LAI Games [Leisure & Allied Industries].

Little Masterpiece is a novelty attraction where players interact with the touch screen LCD monitor to create pictures, which can then be printed out. The cabinet is in the shape of a bear, and has 4 different play modes with over 20 different image options to choose from.

The different modes include :
Scribble mode, where a picture is uncovered as you move your hand over the screen. Decorate mode, which allows users to add stamps to the main image; and fill in the Picture mode, which allows users to manipulate the colour of the image. The most advanced mode is Draw the Picture mode, which allows users to have full control to draw a picture.
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Little Masterpiece the Coin-op Photo Booth
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