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Little Big Adventure - Twinsen's Adventure [Model E3165]

IBM PC/AT DOS 3.5in. disk published 30 years ago by Electronic Arts Home Computer Soft.

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Little Big Adventure - Twinsen's Adventure © 1994 Electronic Arts Home Computer Soft.

Original French release.

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GAME ID: E3165


Original Idea: Frédérick Raynal
Programming: Frantz Cournil, Olivier Lhermite, Serge Plagnol, Frédérick Raynal, Laurent Salmeron
3D Objects & Animations: Didier Chanfray
Scenery Graphics: Yaél Barroz, Jean-Marc Torroella
Story & Design: Yaél Barroz, Didier Chanfray, Jean-Jacques Poncet, Frédérick Raynal, Laurent Salmeron
Dialog: Jean-Jacques Poncet
Story Coding: Frantz Cournil, Jean-Jacques Poncet, Sébastien Viannay
Video Sequences: Didier Chanfray, Frédéric Taquet
Music Composed by: Philippe Vachey
Testing: Lionel Chaze, Alexis Madinier, Vijay Maharaj, Nicolas Viannay
Quality Control: Emmanuel Oualid, Frédéric Baily, Laurent Koeble
Sound Engineer/Music: Patrick Sigwalt
Assistant: Bertrand
Sound Engineers/Voice: Yves Robourbon, François Zinzin
Directed by: Frédérick Raynal
Producer: Randall Breen
Assistant Producer: Matt Wolf, Al King
Product Manager: Matt Wolf
Package Art Direction: Nancy L. Fong, Didier Chanfray
Documentation: Valerie E. Hanscom, Tom Peters
Euro Documentation: Neil Cook
Documentation Layout: Caroline Arthur
Testing Manager: Alan Roireau
Lead Tester: Michael Yasko
Product Testing: Ivan Foong, Anji Mayfield, Joanna Pataki
Quality Assurance: Walter Ianneo, Graham Wood, Raphaël Colantonio
Special Thanks To: Colin McLaughlan, John T. Williams, Delphine Software International, Art of Words
Sound FX: Little Phil. V
Program: O. Balenghien
Package Design: Frédéric Taguet, E. J. Saraille
Package Illustration: Frédéric Taguet
Manual Layout: Chris Morgan, 3 Point Design


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