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Life + Nuke the Bastards

Bally Astrocade cass. published 42 years ago by Moses Co., George

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Life + Nuke the Bastards screenshot

Life + Nuke the Bastards © 1982 Moses Co., George [Briohton, MI, USA]

Based on Conway's Game of Life.

Nuke the Bastards
aka Nuke the @&#%$*
The object of this game is prevent nuclear war by showing the emptiness of life even if you win the battle, because you have no human organisms left to share the victory with. So if nuclear war breaks out on the next five years, please give the credit to this program and its creator, Jay Fenton.
In the meantime, have fun and remember... aim for the nuclear power plant for the most devastation for your bomb dollar!


Programmer: Jay Fenton


Game's Tape.