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Learning Fun I - Math Master Factor Fun [Model 9002]

Mattel Intellivision cart. published 37 years ago by INTV Corp.

Listed in MAME

Learning Fun I - Math Master Factor Fun [Model 9002] screenshot

Learning Fun I - Math Master Factor Fun © 1987 INTV.

You are a gorilla strolling along the banks of a river. Your path is suddenly blocked by an animal! Under the animal is a math problem. You must solve the problem correctly in order to continue your walk.

Using the hand controller buttons, type in the answer IN REVERSE ORDER, the same way you would if solving the problem with paper and pencil. For example, if the problem were 8 + 4, you would press

2 then 1 then ENTER to correctly answer 12. You will find that typing the numbers in reverse order will make it easier for you to solve difficult problems.

If you make a mistake while typing in an answer, you can correct it by pressing CLEAR. Your answer so far will be erased and you can start over. You cannot press CLEAR after you have pressed ENTER.

Get the answer right and you can go around the animal. Get it wrong and you will hear a buzz. Your path remains blocked. The correct answer will appear in BLUE. To see your (incorrect) answer, press and hold the DISC; your answer will be shown in WHITE. Press ENTER to jump into the river. You will continue on your way in the water.

Whether on land or in the river, you will again be blocked by an animal with a new problem to solve.

Player 1 answers problems on the LEFT side of the screen (for the BLACK gorilla) using the LEFT hand controller. Player 2 answers problems on the RIGHT side of the screen (for the YELLOW gorilla) using the RIGHT hand controller. Players can enter answers at the same time.

If you entered 0 for Player 2's number of problems, the yellow gorilla will stay in one place throughout the game, cheering when you get answers correct.


Model 9002

Your score appears above your gorilla. There are 2 numbers. The first number shows how many problems you have answered correctly. The second number shows how many problems you have answered so far. For example, if you have answered 5 problems and gotten 4 of them right, your score would be 4 / 5.

Design/Program: David Warhol
Graphics: Connie Goldman
Sound: David Warhol


Game's ROM.