Last Inning

Coin-op Bat Game published 43 years ago by SEGA Enterprises

Impossible to emulate.


Last Inning © 1975 Sega.

Last Inning is a 2-player baseball game. The batter is in control of a bat that is swung at a ball thrown by the opposing pitcher. Contact can be gauged to hit the ball to any field including a home run. In case of a safe hit, the batter moves to first base where he waits to be advanced by succeeding hits. If the ball is missed, a strike is recorded. 3 strikes is out. 3 outs, players change sides. Play is for 2 innings.

The pitcher is capable of delivering 3 type pitches-slow ball, fast ball or curve. Selection of the pitch and release is done from a 3 button control panel. When the ball is hit, the player utilizes a control knob to move his players in position to field the ball and throw to any of the bases.

Force-out, touch-out, double and triple play are possible.

A special feature of the game is that before the game starts, there is a 'warm-up' period for the players in order that they familiarize themselves with the controls.
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Dimensions :
Height : 142 cm (56 inches)
Width : 60 cm (24 inches)
Depth : 68 cm (27 inches)


Released during March 1975.

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