Last Battle

Export Sega Genesis cart. published 32 years ago by SEGA of America, Inc.

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Last Battle © 1989 SEGA of America, Inc.

North American release. Game developed in Japan. See the original for more information; "Hokuto no Ken - Shin Seikimatsu Kyuuseishu Densetsu [Model G-4012]".

Description from the US back cover:

In the mood to punch, kick and knock the daylights out of a bunch of wicked thugs? If the answer's Yes, be prepared to receive your own fair share of hard knocks, because these goons are tough.

And you'll need brains as well as brawn since an intricate maze of passages leads you closer and closer to victory. Passages which you'll have to find.

You're Aarzak, a renegade with a dream to free your people from a life of oppression. A master of Jet-Kwon-Do, the most elite practice of the martial arts; you're about to experience hand-to-hand combat that never lets up. You're swift, you're lethal, you're good.

But are you good enough to outsmart layers of labyrinths; battalions of beasts; and scores of setbacks? Are you good enough to survive the Last Battle?

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It was one of the six games that were available as part of the Genesis launch lineup in the U.S.

This version of the game alters the names of all characters, martial arts, and locations due to the lack of the Hokuto no Ken license.

Name changes:
Hokuto Shin Ken > Jet-Kwon-Do
Gento Ko Ken > Tae-Kung-Fu
Kenshiro > Aarzak
Lin > Alyssa
Bat > Max
Mamiya > Luisa
Ein > Gere
Asuka > Anne
Buzz and Gil Harn > Zee-Bee
Soria > Syd
Falco > Duke
Lui > Sophia
Akashachi > Dare-Devil
Leia > Cynara
Shachi > Rob
Han > Gromm
Hyo > Gross
Kaioh > Garokk

All the blood and gore from the original game was also edited out.


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