Lady Robin Hood [Model 2]

Coin-op Pinball published 70 years ago by Gottlieb

Not emulated yet.


Lady Robin Hood © 1948 Gottlieb.

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Model Number : 2


Released in January 1948.

Gottlieb specially presented two different prototypes of this game at the 1949 Coin Machine Manufacturers Show in Chicago. One of them was a modification to accept multiple coins and denominations. The front of its cabinet was extended underneath to accommodate the large ABT coin mechanism attached to the front door. This mechanism accepted nickels, dimes, and quarters and advanced the credit unit accordingly, without making change. The front coin door had a credit light and an illuminated credit button for dark locations. A Merkle-Korff motor, mounted underneath the playfield, would run one cycle to reset the game, simulating the thrust of a coin slide. The wood legs were uniquely painted especially for the Show, and are pictured here repainted to match the original design. The other prototype had glass sides with all the interior mechanisms chrome-plated and all the wires laid out in direct, straight runs!

6,000 units were produced.


Design by : Harry Mabs
Art by : Roy Parker

Machine's picture.