Lady Bug [Model 2433]

A 36-year-old Colecovision Game by Coleco Industries, Inc.

Lady Bug [Model 2433] screenshot

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Lady Bug © 1982 Coleco Industries, Incorporated.


Game ID: 2433


Differences from the arcade version:
- Spell out 'SPECIAL' in the arcade version and you are awarded a free credit. Do the same in this port and you are presented with a bonus round, not featured in the arcade version, where you eat multiple vegetables for big bonus points.
- If you lose a life by running in to a skull, any remaining skulls in the maze just disappear. (In the arcade version, they are turned into flowers.)
- No tune is played while the enemy insects are frozen after you eat a bonus vegetable.
- If you enter the enemy insects' base when there is an enemy insect inside at ANY time, you will die.

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