Kung-Fu Master [Model AG-039]

Atari 2600 cart. published 34 years ago by Activision, Inc.

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Kung-Fu Master © 1987 Activision, Incorporated.

The lovely Princess Victoria is being held captive in the Evil Wizard's temple. As the Kung-Fu Master, you're the only one powerful enough to rescue her.

The temple itself wouldn't pose that much of a problem. Except that it has five different levels. And each one is crawling with a tireless army of enemies.

Using your superb martial arts skills, you'll have to oust henchmen, knife-throwers, dragons, and a slew of other not-very-nice types.

If you manage to clean out everybody on a level, you'll automatically go to the next level. And your energy meter and timer will be reset.

Once you succeed in rescuing Princess Victoria, you'll be sent back down to the first floor for more kicking and punching and jumping. Only this time things will happen even faster and more furiously.

Note on two-player games: In a two player game, play alternates whenever a player loses a life. The second-player's timer, score, and energy bar replace thos of the first player, and so on. If one player loses all of his lives, the other player continues without interruption until the game is over.


Model AG-039


Licensed by Data East


* Don't use punches and kicks randomly. A true martial artist knows when to apply them at just the right moment.

* Try to figure out which type of blow works best against which opponents. Most of them have certain weak spots.

* Don't try to battle the snake-just stay out of its way.

* Remember: no one opponent can kill you outright. But they all rob you of energy. So if an opponent happens to hit you just when your energy is low enough, he may end up killing you.

* Keep a close eye on the timer. When it runs out, so does your life.


Programmer: Dan Kitchen


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