Krull [Model CX2682]

Atari 2600 cart. published 38 years ago by Atari, Inc.

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Krull © 1983 Atari, Incorporated.

Your mission is to find and enter the Beast's Black Fortress, rescue Princess Lyssa, and destroy the Beast. The task is not an easy one, for the location of the Black Fortress changes with each sunrise on Krull.

To discover the location of the Black Fortress, you must travel to the lair of the Widow of the Web. Inside the cavern is a gigantic web, a poisonous Crystal Spider that guards the web, and the Widow's Cocoon. When you stand on the cocoon, a blinking light points to one of eight pathways leading to the Black Fortress. If you go down the correct pathway before the next sunrise, you'll find the Black Fortress and the Beast.

If you cannot find the Fortress before sunrise, however, you must return to the cocoon to find the new location of the Fortress.

Inside the Black Fortress you must rescue Lyssa as you dodge fireballs thrown by the Beast. Once Lyssa is free, she will give you the power to destroy the Beast.

You begin the game with three lives. Extra lives and special weapons called Glaives can be picked up when you travel across the Iron Desert during the course of the game.

Sunrise and Sunset: At the top of you screen is a strip showing the passage of the sun, The color of the strip shows the time of day: red indicates sunrise and sunset, blue indicates daytime, and black indicates nighttime.


Model CX2682


The game was originally planned as an Atari 5200 game that would have been similar to the Gottlieb coin-op. When it finally came time to make the game the 5200 wasn't doing as well as Atari had hoped, so a 2600 game was made instead. The arcade game was also a bit of flop, so Atari decided to make an original game based on the movie.


Stabbing Slayers: 10-90 Points.
Reaching the Widow's Cocoon: 500 Points.
Jumping Web Strands: 40-60 Points.
Destroying the Beast: 3000 Points.
Breaking into Lyssa's Prison: 70 Points per chunk.


* Start playing on Game level 2 - the Beginner version - to become familiar with game play. Then move on to harder levels.

* Make sure you have at least one Glaive before entering the Black Fortress, since you'll need a weapon to rescue Princess Lyssa and fight the Beast.

* If you think you may not have enough time to reach the Black Fortress before sunrise, simply wait on the Widow's Cocoon until the next sunrise. Then go down the new path to the Black Fortress.

* Try to reach the Widow's Cocoon from the upper left side of the web. Maneuver yourself to the web center - the movement of the web will pull you up to the cocoon.


Programmer: Dave Staugas


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