Kraut Buster

SNK Neo-Geo AES Cart. published 1 years ago by NG:DEV.TEAM

Not emulated yet.


Kraut Buster © 2018 NG:DEV.TEAM.

KRAUT BUSTER is a comical action Run'n'Gun shooting game made for the 16 bit system NEO·GEO.


Europe, Krautland 1936

You are part of the glorious albeit infamous Kraut Buster corps.
Your goal is to defeat the evil dictator Dolph Edelwolf and rescue all chicks!

Play as either
John "Küken" Mallone, Jack "Handsome" Rowdy or Valeria "Bona" Bossa.

Game Features (exact details are subject to change):

- Mask feature: Wear different masks to change your characters abilities, your weapons, change your surroundings and enemy behaviors.
- 5-6 end bosses and several sub bosses
- 2 player simultaneous mode CO-OP: players can interact with each other.
- 8-way: Allows to shoot in 8 directions
- Swaying: Some weapons allow 16-direction by swaying with the joystick
- Switch weapons: quick tap 'D' to switch between weapon I and II
- Grenade hold: Hold joystick in direction to throw grenades more far
- Grenade auto throw: Hold 'C' button to throw multiple grenades
- Ledge drop: Use the terrain and obstacles to your advantage
- Weapon lock: Arrest your weapon in position while moving
- Ground slide and air dash: slide/dash through some bullets
- Rapid prison shank style stab move: quickly multi stab big enemies
- 3-way grenades in C-mode: throw a pack of 3 grenades slightly aimed
- C-mode: fast kill bonus scoring system
- Chain based scoring system to provide a long term challenge
- multiple heights/ways platforming for more ways to play the game
- 2 game modes "T-mode" and "C-mode"
- 3 difficulties
- Arcade perfect playtime of approx. 40-60 minutes per run (normal route)
- 60fps

- Beautiful handcrafted 16-bit pixel art
- large panoramic backgrounds with up to 9000px lenght with a lot of parallax elements
- big fully animated bosses
- tons of animation, little details and pixel love


Hardware Specs (MVS/AES cartridges):

Will use approximately 808 Megabits
Full digitized stereo soundtrack
In-system software updates via microSDCard (MVS)
Custom made PCBs
Custom made cartridge shell

Improved UNI BIOS/CMVS support: bootup logo and config menu is supported / insert credit via select button