Konami Arcade Collection [Model NTR-A5KJ-JPN]

The Nintendo DS Game by Konami Digital Ent. Co., Ltd.

Not emulated in MAME


[HANDHELD] Nintendo DS Game

Konami Arcade Collection © 2007 Konami Digital Ent. Co., Ltd.

Compilation of 15 Konami arcade classics :
"Scramble" (1981)
"Pooyan" (1982)
"Time Pilot" (1982)
"Tutankham" (1982)
"Roc 'N Rope" (1983)
"Hyper Olympic" (1983) as 'Track & Field'
"Circus Charlie" (1984)
"Road Fighter" (1984)
"Super Basketball" (1984)
"Gradius" (1985)
"Rush'n Attack" (1985)
"Shao-lin's Road", (1985)
"TwinBee" (1985)
"Yie Ar Kung-Fu" (1985)
"Contra" (1987)


Game IDs:
- Original release: NTR-A5KJ-JPN
- Re-release: NTR-A5KJ-JPN-1

Cartridge IDs:
- Original release: RY039-J1
- Re-release: RY039-J4

- Original release: 4988602134568
- Re-release: 4988602149043


Konami Arcade Collection for Nintendo DS was released on March 15, 2007 in Japan. It was then re-released on October 29, 2009 as a "Konami Dendou Selection" edition.

Known in North America as "Konami Classic Series - Arcade Hits [Model NTR-ACXE-USA]".

Known in Europe as "Konami Arcade Classics [Model NTR-ACXP-EUR]".