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Knights of Valour 2

IGS PGM cart. published 19 years ago by IGS

Knights of Valour 2 screenshot

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Knights of Valour 2 © 2000 IGS.

A very good side-scrolling fighting game set in medieval China.


IGS PGM hardware

Main CPU : Motorola 68000 (@ 20 Mhz), Zilog Z80 (@ 8.468 Mhz), ARM7 (@ 20 Mhz)
Sound Chips : ICS2115 (@ 20 Mhz)

Control per player: 8-way Joystick
Buttons per player: 4


Released in November 2000.

This game is also known as "Sangoku Senki Bushou Souha" (translates from Japanese as 'Knights of the Three Kingdoms - Commander's Struggle For Supremacy').


* Secret Characters : on the character selection screen, hold START button then input the following codes...
Koumei : D, B, D, C(x2), B, D, B, UP, DOWN
Chouzen : C, D, B(x2), C, D, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN
Housuu : B, C, D, UP, DOWN, LEFT(x2), RIGHT, C, D
Sonken : B(x3), C, D, C, B(x2), DOWN(x2)

Game's ROM.
Game's screenshots.
Official website: http://www.igs.com.tw/chinese/product/sg2fly/china/index.htm
Official website: http://www.igs.com.tw/sangoku2jp/jmai_0.htm