King of the Monsters [Model NGM-016]

SNK Neo-Geo MVS Cart. published 27 years ago by SNK

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King of the Monsters © 1991 SNK.

If "Rampage" were a beat-'em-up and set in Japan, it would be King of the Monsters. Destroy the city while destroying your opponent!
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Runs on the SNK "Neo-Geo MVS" hardware.
Game ID : NGM-016

[SNK MVS Neo-Geo Controls]
2 Players - 4 buttons per player (3 usables).
=> [Joystick] 8-way, [A] Punch [B] Kick [C] Run


Released in February 1991.

Pony Canyon / Scitron released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (King of the Monsters / Quiz Daisousasen - G.S.M. 1500 / PCCB-00072) on 21/09/1991.


Producer & Director : Hamachi Papa
Chiff designer : Mitsuzo
Main designer : Tomomi
Background designers : Taka, Sakai
Character designers : Joe Toshiaki, Cagamaru, Yu-Zo, Y-Tick, Fuziki Boke
Main programmer : Makoto
Assistant programmer : Yamatan
Sound creaters : Tarukun, Konny, Ten6 Jaguars

Special thanks : Y. Ebara, H. Tanaka, M. Yokoyama, Yoko Hiro


[JP] SNK Neo-Geo AES (jul.1, 1991; "King of the Monsters [Model NGH-016]")
[JP] Nintendo Super Famicom (jul.31, 1992; "King of the Monsters [Model SHVC-KM]")
[JP] Sega Mega Drive (Nov. 26, 1993; "King of the Monsters [Model G-4104]")
[US] Sony PS2 may.05, 2008 "SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 [Model SLUS-21724]"
[US] Sony PSP may.05, 2008 "SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 [Model ULUS-10338]"
[KO] Sony PS2 may.29, 2008 "SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 [Model SLKA-25424]"
[US] Nintendo Wii jul.29, 2008 "SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 [Model RVL-P-RNCE]"
[EU] Sony PSP Oct. 17, 2008 "SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 [Model ULES-01105]"
[EU] Nintendo Wii Oct. 31, 2008 "SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 [Model RVL-P-RJZP]"
[EU] Sony PS2 Nov. 21, 2008 "SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 [Model SLES-55232]"
[JP] Sony PSP May. 21, 2009 "SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 [Model ULJS-193]"

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