Killer Loop

A 18-year-old Arcade Video Game by Cybermind

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Killer Loop © 2000 Cybermind.

The Magneto-Kinetic (MK) League has created a new sport in which they pilot magnetically driven Tripods (racers that roll on friction-balls). The top pilots battle with time, gravity and their competitors for the trophy. With increasingly challenging raceways under construction, pilots are kept on their toes battling not only with their rivals, but with architects as well. What would a game be without fierce competition?

Each player has the physical forces of gravity, friction, mass and a dozen more parameters at their fingertips. With the most advanced 3-D engine to date, this is no game, it's real!

Speed freaks will be queuing up to get to grips with Killer Loop. There is no better (legal) way to experience the exhilarating speed rush it brings and, as with all good racing games, its simplicity and intuitive control system is the key.


NRG Motion Simulator hardware

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