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Killer Instinct Gold [Model NUS-NKIE-USA]

Nintendo 64 cart. published 27 years ago by Nintendo of America, Inc.

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Killer Instinct Gold [Model NUS-NKIE-USA] screenshot

Killer Instinct Gold © 1997 Nintendo of America, Inc.

Dazzling 3-D backgrounds and a celebrated combo engine highlight this two-fisted tournament pak. Your battles unfold with lighting-fast action and fluid character animation at 60 frames per second. Other enhancements include a zoomed-out Aerial Camera view and an excellent Training Mode that displays your button and Control Stick moves. Focused Training gives you step-by-step instructions for each move!

Fighters can be tossed off the richly detailed stages, which range from Spinal's rolling pirate ship to Sabrewulf's gloomy castle. KI Gold boasts three new fighters -- Maya, Kim Wu and Tusk -- and one terrifying boss character, Gargos. Classic Killer moves include Manual-Doubles, Pressure Moves, Super Linkers, Throws, Juggles and Finishers. Advanced algorithms mean you can create hundreds of thousands of combos -- if you're good enough!

KI Gold features Team, Team Elimination, Tournament and Arcade modes. In Arcade mode, you must battle through all 11 fighters, including a double of yourself. In Team mode, as soon as a fighter's life bar is empty, another steps into the fray. Team sizes can range from two to 11 fighters. Team Elimination is just like Team mode, except that you must finish off your last opponent with an Ultra or Ultimate combo. The Practice mode allows you to work out with any fighter.

KI Gold features five speed levels, including Ludicrous, and six difficulty levels. In Training mode, you can select from three difficulty levels.

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BARCODE: 0 45496 87009 6


Released in November 1996 in the USA.

The game was rated T (Teen, it have content that may be suitable for ages 13 and older) by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).


Programmers: Mark Betteridge, Tony Wong
Gameplay Programmer: Chris Tilston
Front End Programmer: Michael Currington
Character Design and Models: Kevin Bayliss
Background Design and Models: Chris Seavor
Front End Graphics and Models: Don Murphy
Music and Sound: Robin Beanland
Character Voices: Shigeki Yamashiro, Hiroyuki Yamada, Louise Stamper, Chris Seavor, Isaac Marshall, Armond Williams Jr., Adrian Smith, Keiko Tamura, Keri Gunn, Ken Lobb, Chris Sutherland, Don Murphy
Vocals: Faye Newborough
Guitar and Midi Guitar: Grant Kirkhope
Chants and Sound FX: The Lads
Motion Capture Actors: Kevin Bayliss, Simon Farmer, Louise Stamper, Dean Smith, Jon Paul Jenkins
Promotion: Simon Farmer
Quality Assurance: Huw Ward, Gavin Hood, Gary Richards, Jamie Williams, George Andreas, Martin Penny, Gareth Jones
NOA Quality Assurance: Tim Bechtel, David C. Bridgham, Thomas Hertzog, Robert Johnson, Michael Kelbaugh, Ken Lobb, Isaac Marshall, Chris Needham, Richard S. Richardson, Benjamin Smith, Armond Williams Jr., Kyle Carlson, John Elsberry, Ruben Estrada, Melvin Forrest, William Giese, Shane D. Lewis, Christian Phillips, Keith Souhrada
Game Design: Chris Tilston, Mark Betteridge, Kevin Bayliss
Game Producers: Chris Tilston, Mark Betteridge, Kevin Bayliss
Additional Design: Ken Lobb, Gavin Hood
Special Thanks: Hiroshi Yamauchi, Minoru Arakawa, Howard Lincoln, Genyo Takeda, Manabu Fukuda, Ken Lobb, Tim Stamper, Chris Stamper, Stephen Stamper, Joe Stamper Jr., Joel Hochberg, Scott Hochberg, Eileen Hochberg, Jerry Rogowski, S. Gucciardo
Produced by Rare.
Presented by Nintendo.


Game's ROM.