Kakutou Haou Densetsu Algunos [Model IGCD-3007]

The NEC PC-Engine CD Game by Intec, Inc.

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Kakutou Haou Densetsu Algunos © 1994 Intec, Inc.

Algunos is a traditional fighting game by Fill-In-Cafe. As expected, the player can either enjoy the game in a solo story mode where the game's plot unfolds as he fights his way through numerous one-on-one encounters, or in Battle mode where he can play against a computer (or friend) controlled enemy. The game counts ten different fighters : Jenius, Asasin, Arcer, Samohan, Greeze, Orga, Lobo, Blocken, Jyobei and Daibuster. Every single one of them has different attacks and set of techniques the player has to learn and master. Controls are fairly simple and straight forward - one button executes a short attack and the other a long attack. If both bottons are pressed, the fighter grabs and throws his enemy in the air. Most of the fighters in Algunos use their bare hands but some also use weapons like swords (which was quite an unusual feature back when the game was published).


Game ID: IGCD-3007


Algunos was released on january 28, 1994 in Japan for 7800 Yen.

Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com