Kaboom! [Model FZ-001]

Atari 5200 cart. published 41 years ago by Activision, Inc.

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Kaboom! © 1983 Activision

Goodies for Kaboom! [Model FZ-001]
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Model FZ-001


Back in the 80s, if you scored 1800 or more points in game variation 1 or 2, you could send to Activision a picture of your achievement (TV screen). They'll gladly enroll you in the 'Bucket Brigade' club and send you the official 'Bucket Brigade' emblem.


Tips from Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson has a PhD in Physics from Michigan State University. He grew up on a farm in Minnesota and continues to enjoy vegetable gardening.
"I have found that the Mad Bomber is really not such a bad guy. It's just that he knows all the tricks of his trade. Here are a few tricks that I use to score well at Kaboom!"
"First and foremost, select the big water buckets. They are twice as large as the small ones, so you double your chances of catching the Mad Bomber's bombs. And practice moving the buckets back and forth. You'll need to develop the touch to know just how far to move the control stick to move the buckets from one side of the screen to the other."
"Once you reach the higher bomb levels, you'll notice that the Mad Bomber really starts dropping the bombs fast. You won't be able to aim and line-up your buckets under each bomb. If you watch closely, you'll begin to recognize patterns. Follow the bomb patterns, and move your buckets accordingly."
"If you are playing Pitch & Catch and you are controlling the buckets, position your buckets under the Mad Bomber before pressing the red button. It's the only way to ever guarantee catching any bombs."
"And if you ever score 10,000 points or more, the Mad Bomber will show you how impressed he is. Watch for it!"
"When your water buckets are completely filled with the Mad Bomber's bombs, and you have the time, drop me a line. It would be a blast to hear from you."


Programmer: Paul Willson
Designer: Larry Kaplan


Game's ROM.