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This hack of "PuckMan" drastically changes the artwork of both Pac-Man and the ghosts, to some more abstract yellow character, and various colored cyclopes respectively (the eyes have naturally been turned into one single eye).

Joyman also contains a very altered maze, changing the colors, and the arrangment of the allies. The allies are arranged more like columns than before.

There are dots that straddle several of the allies. While the dots are present, and as long as Joyman does not lose a life, Joyman can continue to pass through the gaps in allies. However, if Joyman loses a life, some of the gaps close upon his return in the next life.

The bonus prizes and the music have also changed.


Dot : 20 points.
Power Pill : 80 points.
Cyclopes : 200, 400, 800, 1600 points.
Horse : 100 points.
Xmas Tree : 300 points.
2 Headed Bird : 500 points.
Rabbit : 700 points.
Sailboat : 1000 points.
Car : 2000 points.
Yellow Face : 3000 points.
Shield : 5000 points.


Losing a life can cause the maze to change. There are places in the maze where the walls are broken and dots are placed. As long as you have not lost a life, you can go through the walls and eat the dots. However, once you do lose a life, the walls fill in the spaces where you've already eaten the dots, making the rack that much harder to fill.

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