Johnny Mnemonic Meet the Ultimate Hard Drive

Pinball published 27 years ago by Williams Electronics Games, Inc.

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Johnny Mnemonic Meet the Ultimate Hard Drive © 1995 Williams Electronics Games, Incorporated.


Williams WPC-Security System
Model Number : 50042

Main CPU : Motorola M6809 (@ 2 MHz)
Sound CPU : ADSP2015 (@ 10 MHz)
Sound Chip : DMA-driven DAC (@ 10 MHz)


Released in October 1995. 2,756 units were produced.

Based on the 1995 movie, starring Keanu Reeves.

Cow 1 : Sometimes during Midnight Multiball a 'Moo!' can be heard and seen on the display when a switch is hit. This only occurs once per multiball and +/- 50 % of the multiballs.

Cow 2 : Wait long enough during attract mode and then press either one of the flipper buttons or the launch button. At random occasions you may hear a 'Moo!'.

Crazy Bob operates the 3x3 matrix.


Version 0.4
Date : August 25, 1995
- This is the release of software for production of sample games.

Version 1.0
Date : October 2, 1995
- This is the release of software for production.
- Added a cyberspace multiball lamp effect.
- Fixed a condition where the left diverter did not always open following a ball plunge into the jets.
- Fixed a condition where following the first Cyberspace Multiball, the hand popper shot call arrow would be lit for no reason.
- Changed the throwing spikes to carry from ball-to-ball until they are completed the first time.
- Can now cancel buy-in on the launch button.
- Added a game over lamp effect.
- Corrected a display error where at game over with multiple players, a portion of the final player up's score would be partially wiped away.
- Added (non Tournament) hand cabinet button cheat codes.
- Changed touch tone multiball jackpot rules to be worth the effort of making the shots.
- Now the hand is moved to the back during game over to improve the chances of the hand being in an optimal position for shipment.
- If we determine the hand to be broken, and we are trying to clear the hand popper (except in multiball) the diverter is opened to give the ball additional room to exit.
- Fixed a condition where the game over music would terminate prematurely.
- Improved flaky ball-in-hand switch behavior.
- Changed hand popper behavior to switch to a soft kick after failing to clear, when the hand is not marked bad.

Version 1.1
Date : October 2, 1995
- The text TO ADVANCE YAKUZA and POWER MASTER now fits the display in all languages.
- Added a ball search delay at the end of Powerdown during the YOU ARE THE MASTER speech.

Version 1.2
Date : October 31, 1995
- Corrected an erroneous error report on hand detected during burn-in.
- Increased hand popper kick strength slightly for use when hand is broken.
- Made the matrix award relative position more random.
- Incorporated new Tournament Mode code fixes.


Start a game just before midnight to enable 'Midnight Multiball'.

Tournament Mode : press and hold both flipperbuttons for about 5 seconds during attract mode, then watch the display.


Designer : George Gomez
Artwork : John Youssi
Software : Tom Uban
Dots/Animation : Adam Rhine, Brian Morris
Mechanics : Tom Kopera
Music & Sounds : Dave Zabriskie


Game's ROM.