Joe & Mac - Tatakae Genshijin [Model SHVC-JT]

Nintendo Super Famicom Cart. published 28 years ago by Data East

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Joe & Mac ????? © 1991 Data East Corp.

(Joe & Mac - Tatakae Genshijin)

Joe & Mac is a cartoony side-scrolling platform game by Data East, conversion of their own arcade game. Two cavemen embark on a journey to save their lovely girls kidnaped by their next-door rival clan. Our heroes' main weapon is a short range neolithic club they can use to strike and hit their various enemies - bad cavemen, pterodactyls, piranhas and so forth... Dinosaur eggs are scattered around each stage and often hide better weapons such as boomerangs, bones, fire balls and stone wheels. Players can also toggle between these weapons at any time during the game by pressing Select. Our cavemen can also jump on their enemies' heads to reach high platforms or hidden areas. The world is divided into small areas and our friends walk along a map, fighting their way from one location to the next. Once a stage is completed, it can be skipped or visited again at will. Checkpoints are also located on the map and help the player in his quest and special blue paths lead to simple mini-games (only accessible by collecting keys scattered around the game).


[Model SHVC-JT]


Released on December 06, 1992 in Japan for 8500 Yen.

Joe & Mac - Tatakae Genshijin was first released in the arcades by Data East in 1991. This Super Famicom version is quite different from the original arcade game. The level structure was changed so the world features a map and all stages have to be played in a specific order, whereas the arcade had a non-linear structure and players could pick a different route at the end of each area.

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