Jet Rider

Coin-op Kiddie Ride published 13 years ago by Triotech Amusement

Impossible to emulate.


Jet Rider © 2006 Triotech Amusement.

Ride film footage was produced exclusively by Triotech's 3-D animation studio. Kids will not only watch the film but feel like they are part of it. Riders will feel every bump and grind on the road and realistically experience each adventure

Jett, a young boy with a wild imagination, builds jetpacks for him and his cat, Jin, as they embark in wild adventures. Kids will feel like they are flying next to Jett & Jin experiencing all the thrills of this great ride. Thel'll want to ride over and over and over... again.

* Complete all 3 rides to unlock the bonus ride!
* Wide range of simulation from subtle sensation to intense vibration
* Surround sound system
* Jett Rider is safe, durable and ideal for kids of all ages


Dimensions : 73inches (190cm) H x 34inches (86cm) W x 61inches (150cm) D