Jack the Kipper [Model PR2078]

A Fruit Machine by Mazooma Games

Emulated in MAME !

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Jack the Kipper © 200? Mazooma Games.

Jack The Kipper is a Tic Tac Toe feature entry with hidden features provided by boxed symbols.

The top game incorporates a flexi strip as part of the main board layout. Collecting three Cases accesses the Super Board. Players move around the board collecting nudges and features that can be collected at any time. There are also Fruit Blast squares, where the player will be offered wins from the fruits in view on the reels.

When in the Super Board, landing on Super Shots squares will add winnings into the Cash Pot, available to collect at any time.

Collecting 3 Cases for a second time will lock the player into the Super Board guaranteeing a maximum win.

Collecting Super KOs awards knockouts above the current cash ladder level.


Technology : Scorpion 4
[Model PR2078]

Cabinet : Eclipse Front-Opening
Jackpot : £25
Stakes : 30p

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