It's America's Game [Powerball] [Video]

Slot Machine published by WMS Gaming, Inc.

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It's America's Game [Powerball] © 200? WMS Gaming.

5-reel video slot.



* POWER Bonus Feature : Five POWER balls on a line trigger the POWER bonus feature. The player chooses balls to reveal a credit award.

* Scratch Ticket Bonus : The player plays a 'Scratch Ticket' with three sections. In the first section the player picks from an array of stars, which reveal credits. The next part of the scratch ticket has five white balls labeled P, O, W, E, R. The player chooses one of the white balls to reveal a multiplier. (1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, or a Red POWERBALL). If the player selects the Red POWERBALL, the 3rd section of the scratch ticket highlights. The 3rd section consists of a large Red POWERBALL button. When pressed, the button turns into a hopper displaying several red lotto balls with possible multipliers ranging from 5x–20x. One of the balls magnifies and fills up the entire hopper. The player then wins that multiplier.


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