It Came from the Desert [Model HCD8003]

NEC TurboGrafx-CD published 31 years ago by Cinemaware Corp.

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It Came from the Desert © 1992 Cinemaware Corp.

It Came From The Desert is a Video Adventure by Mirrorsoft and based on Cinemaware's game released for the Amiga and PC computers. The game takes place in the 1950s, in the small town of Lovelock lost somewhere in the most desolate areas of California. The player incarnates Buzz Lincoln - a young man who, helped by the local geologist Dr.Horton T.Pangbourne tries to investigate some unnatural happenings - twenty feet tall Ants seem to be roaming in the nearby desert and no one in town seems to have seen a thing. The goal of the game is to fight the giant insects and also to convince the townspeople of the danger they are in - and time is against him and he only has eight days to achieve his goal. And danger there is as our giant Ants can turn humans into Ant-droids zombies. It Came From The Desert features motion video sequences that unfold the story based on the player's actions and choices. Parts of the game feature simple action phases such as side-scrolling sequences where our hero, armed with a gun and grenades, fight the creatures inside their den, or creepy shooting phases where flesh-eating ants have to be gun down before they turn incapacitated town people into skeletons.

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Game ID: HCD8003


It Came From The Desert was first released for the Amiga in 1989 and then ported to PC Computers in 1991 and the TurboGrafx CD in 1992. The Turbo CD version is however very different from the original game - it uses digitized 'captured' animations rather than drawn graphics. The game's structure was also rearranged and the various dialogs changed. Most of the action sequences are unique to the version - only a couple were borrowed from the Amiga original.


Story By: Kenneth Melville, David Riordan
Written by: Kenneth Melville
Arcade Design By: David Riordan, Michael S. Livesay, John Botti
Graphic Artists: Paul Ryan, Brad Parker
Game Shell, Tools, And Overhead Game Programmed By: Michael S. Livesay
Tunnel, Queen, and Antdroid Games Programmed By: John Botti
Original Score: Kenneth Melville
Video Produced By: Nancy Schakel
TurboGrafx CD Video Technology By: Michael S. Livesay
Designed & Directed by: David Riordan

Associate Producer Post Production: David White
Post Production Supervisor: Robert Weaver
Director Of Photography: Glenn Winters
Video Production Manager: KC Chamberlain

Lud: Randy Polk
Clay: Hugh Dane
Doc: Harry Frasier
Sonny: Mark Korman
Marina: Lena Marie Pousette
Prissy: Raquel Gardner
Dad: Garry Ballard
Mom: Deka Beaudine
Man O Steel: Duke Valenti
Carl: David Workman
Foundry Supervisor: Phil Diskin
Sheriff: Robert Miano
Fantasy Girl: Musetta Vander
Nicole: Christine Mason
Linda: Michelle Paully
Power Station Mgr: Kenneth Goldstein
Towns People: Frank Lobianco, Angela Buchman, Wendy Demmerle
Buzz Lincoln: Michael Conway
Antmind: Sunni Walton
Koolman: Joe Lala
Mr. Wampner: Lynne Weaver
Lori: Sevrin Mason

First Grip: Frank Lobianco
Electrical: Charlie Mitchell
Ultimatte Operator: Mary Prevell
Script Supervisor: Dee Bache
Wardrobe: Angela Buchman
Prop Master: Robin Tams
Makeup: Wendy Demmerle
Makeup Assistant: Sevrin Mason
Tape Operator: Laurie Kowalski
Teleprompter Operator: Damon Damoto
Casting Director: Kenneth Goldstein
Location Coordinator: Shannon Donnelly
MII Consultant: Ron Williams
Stage Facilities Provided By: GTE Studios
Post Production Video Facilities Provided By: Eric Blum Productions
Video Editor: Rick Pratt
Post Production Audio Facilities Provided By: Robert Weaver Enterprises
Audio Assistant: Tom Parker

Created By: Charles Chiodo, Stephen Chiodo, Edward Chiodo
Model Makers: Gene Rizzard, Carey Howe
Sculptor: Brannon Wright
Armature: Peter Marinello, Justin Kohn
Animators: Stephen Chiodo, Kim Blanchette
Production Assistant: Barbara Meyers

Performed By: Terence Kirby
Written & Produced By: Kenneth Melville


Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com