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International Super Karts [Model SLES-53186]

Sony PlayStation 2 disc published 19 years ago by Midas Int. Ent.

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International Super Karts © 2005 Midas Int. Ent.


Game ID: SLES-53186


Developed by Brain in a Jar Ltd.

Brian in a Jar Ltd.
Technical Director: Matthew Gabriel
Creative Director: Carl Dalton
Design: Matthew Gabriel, Carl Dalton
Additional Programming: Martin Brown
Track Artists: Richard Taylor, Phil Craigie, Gary Trow
Car Modelling by Gameworld 7
Car Textures: Indraneel Guha
Testing: Andrew Henry

Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd Credits
Production and QA: Alasdair Evans, Darren Morgan
Manual Text: Alasdair Evans
Art Direction and Packaging: Mark Gierszewski
Development and Product Acquisitions Manager: Steve Morgan