International Rally Stage 2014

Adobe Flash game published 10 years ago by Kongregate

Impossible to emulate

International Rally Stage 2014 © 2014 Kongregate

Race through 10 grueling rally environments. Aim for maximum airtime to boost past the checkpoints and the opposition.


Uses Adobe Flash Player
Players: 1
Controls: 4 arrow keys
Other keys: 1
[X] or [N] = use nitro (only when the bar is full)


Released in November 2014.

The game is known simply as 'Rally Stage' on Kongregate.

The car driven by the player is Peugeot 205 known for its participation in FIA WRC group B. The NPC players drive the same car, but in different colors.

The music from the game has been stolen from Drift Runners 2.

The low beam headlights are always on, even during a stage driven at daylight.

There are no night stages in this game.


* You can fill the nitro meter up faster when jumping. Normally the nitro charges slowly. Hunt for any jump to fill the meter.

* You get cash when crossing checkpoints fast. Drive faster to get more cash for necessary upgrades.

* Watch out when driving with nitro: the meter will be reduced to 0 after crash. But when the meter is filling during the normal drive, the meter will be temporarily stopped.

* This is a timed game. You have to hurry up when you have 10 seconds left - it's indicated by
the timer flashing alternately yellow and blue. The timer will shake when you have only 2 seconds left.

* The only view is 2nd person (hood), so you'll see way less than in 3rd person (chase) view.


Developed by: TurboNuke
Code: LongAnimals
Art: BiscuitLocker