International Cricket [Model NES-CC-AUS]

Nintendo NES Cart. published 26 years ago by Laser Beam Ent. Pty

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International Cricket © 1992 Laser Beam

HOWZAT!!? Your teammates let out a loud cry of appeal to the umpire. It seems like an eternity before he raises his arm to indicate the batsman is out. Out LBW for a duck! Your fast bowlers have been deadly accurate. Let's hope your batsmen can perform as well when it's your team's turn to bat. Warning! This is not a spectator sport. International Cricket puts you in total control of bowling, batting and fielding skills. Choose your team from the international line-up, select the best players for the day and may the best team win. International Cricket is a multi-player game that allows you to choose to play a single match or series of matches. Practice in the nets or go straight into the game. Whether you are batting or fielding, your skills will make the difference between winning and losing.



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