Interactive CD Sampler Disc - Vol. 03 [Model SCUS-94959]

Sony PlayStation Game published 23 years ago by Sony Computer Ent. America

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Interactive CD Sampler Disc - Volume 03 © 1996 Sony Computer Ent. America.

Volume 03 features:

- Playable Demos:
Blast Chamber
Crash Bandicoot
Formula 1
NCAA Football GameBreaker
NFL GameDay '97
NHL FaceOff '97
Rally Cross
Ridge Racer Revolution
Tekken 2
The King of Fighters '95
Tunnel B1

- Videos:
Jet Moto
NFL GameDay '97
Twisted Metal 2


CD ID: SCUS-94959


There are three variants of this particular demo disc. The first, released in 1996, contained the playable demos The King of Fighters '95 and Tunnel B1 - both of which were replaced by NFL GameDay '97 and Ridge Racer in the second version labeled Interactive CD Sampler Pack - Volume 3.5 [SCUS-94177] in 1997.

A third edition also titled Volume 3.5 [SCUS-94966] had a playable demo of NFL GameDay '97 instead of the demo video in the previous version. As far as hidden content differences, the only replacement is a Carnage Heart video in both versions of Volume 3.5 replacing a Project: Horned Owl video seen in the original Volume 3.


- Hidden Content:

Carnage Heart (Video) – Highlight "Rally Cross" and press Triangle, Square, Square.

Crash Bandicoot (Cheat Codes) – Highlight "Crash Bandicoot" and press Square, Square, Triangle.

Independence Day (Video) – Highlight "Blast Chamber" and press Triangle, Circle, Triangle.

Jumping Flash! 2 (Video) – Highlight "NFL FaceOff '97" and press Square, Triangle, Circle.

Motor Toon Grand Prix (Video) – Highlight "Formula 1" and press Square, Triangle, Square.

NCAA Football GameBreaker (Cheat Codes) – Highlight "NCAA Football GameBreaker" and press Circle, Triangle, Circle.

Project: Horned Owl (Video) – Highlight "Tunnel B1" and press Triangle, Square, Square.

Ridge Racer Revolution (Cheat Codes) – Highlight "Ridge Racer Revolution" and press Circle, Triangle, Square.

Tekken 2 (Cheat Codes) – Highlight "Tekken 2" and press Triangle, Triangle, Square.

The King of Fighters '95 (Cheat Codes) – Highlight "The King of Fighters '95" and press Triangle, Circle, Square.

Tobal No. 1 (Video) – Highlight "Jet Moto" and press Circle, Circle, Triangle.

Twisted Metal 2 (Cheat Codes) – Highlight "Twisted Metal 2" and press Square, Circle, Triangle.

Twisted Metal 2 (Video) – Highlight "2Xtreme" and press Circle, Square, Circle.

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