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Inherit the Earth - Quest for the Orb

IBM PC/AT DOS CD published 30 years ago by New World Computing, Inc.

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Inherit the Earth - Quest for the Orb © 1994 New World Computing, Inc.

Goodies for Inherit the Earth - Quest for the Orb
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Director: David Joiner
Assistant Director: Allison Hershey
Producer: Walter Hochbrueckner
Executive Producer: Wolf McNally
2nd Executive Producer: Jon Van Caneghem
Production Management: Mark Caldwell, Scott McDaniel
Screenplay: Robert Leh
Original Concept: Wolf McNally, Joe Pearce, David Joiner
Additional Story Material: Katherine Lawrence, Bill Rotsler, Len Wein
Game and World Design: Carolly Hauksdottir, Wolf McNally, David Joiner
Music: Matt Nathan
Sound: Matt Nathan
CD-ROM Voice Production: Simon Prescott
Animators: Brian Dowrick, Lisa Iennaco, April Lee, Glenn Price, Reed Waller
Background Art: Allison Hershey, Edward Lacabanne, David Joiner
Choreography: Robert Wiggins
Programming: Walter Hochbrueckner, David Joiner
Additional Programming: Joe Burks
Additional Utilities: Mark Caldwell, John Clark, Mark Iennaco, Joe Pearce
SAGA Scripting Language: David Joiner
Character Design Artists: Eric Blumrich, Heidi Guedel, Lisa Iennaco, Ed Kline, Edward Lacabanne, April Lee, Monika Livingston, David Joiner
Playtest Manager: Mario Escamilla
Testers: Hollis Hill, Steve McNally, Jeff Narvid, Peter Ryu, David Vela, Jean-Marc Zuczek
Reality Check: Carolly Hauksdottir, Lisa Iennaco, Mark Iennaco
Cover Art: Alicia Austin
Manual Layout: Richard Espy
Manual Art: April Lee
Special Thanks To: Michael Breault, Jack Cavenaugh, Curtis Norris, Terrie Smith
General MIDI timbres for OPL-2 and OPL-3-based sound cards were produced by The Fat Man and developed by: K. Weston Phelan, George Alistair Sanger


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