Indiana Jones

Coin-op Pinball published 10 years ago by Stern Pinball, Inc.

Emulated in MAME !
Information for the following ROM(s): indy_210 indy_113a indy_113f indy_113g indy_113i indy_113l indy_114a indy_114f indy_114g indy_114i indy_114l indy_116a indy_116f indy_116g indy_116i indy_116l indy_210f


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Indiana Jones (Version 01.00) was released on April 22, 2008.


V 2.1 - 9-January-2009
- Fixed a potential problem where persistent style auditing could cause older game versions to stop running in 50HZ countries.

V 02.00 - 12-December-2008
- Fixed a problem with ball search and the multiball system. Ball search was not correctly setting the endball count after balls were released from lock devices.

V 01.16 - 19-September-2008
- corrected Base/Range values for Bump-N-Win. Version 1.15 was released with incorrect values

V 01.15 - 18-September-2008
- added motor tests for the ark, cairo swordsman & temple of doom motors.
- fixed a problem where a shot into the Temple of Doom hole awards both TOD and LC awards.
- added chaos kick code to the auto-plunger.
- added a 'BALL_SEARCH' event for the trough, in an effort to stop the (45 degree problem) with 8 balls in a 5 ball trough. Implemented re-kicks for the ark motor.
- fixed a problem where slings and bumpers sometimes score during ball search.

V 01.14 - 9-June-2008
- added new boulder rolling sound, changed extra ball sound f/x.
- added 87x32 display transitions
- cairo swordsman maxs out at 7 visits

V 01.13 - 16-May-2008
- added a new indy font to accommodate scores up to 19,999,990 in anticipation of higher jackpot values for movie levels 2,3,4,5
- fixed a height problem with the old indy font
- changed raiders rule for levels 2,3,4,5 (complete switches to light jackpot/superjackpot at the ark)
- raiders rules 3 & 4 are now swapped
- fixed the number 4 in the INDY14x24O font, it would overlap any preceding number

V 01.12 - 12-May-2008
- added a new jackpot scene to Temple
- complete the cairo swordsman 3 times to light extra ball
- complete level 1 of each movie to light extra ball
- added speech to german rule
- made last crusade 1 shot harder (which will now make raiders a bit easier)
- mystery will not select cairo swordsman as an award if cairo swordsman is active
- added jackpot speech to all of the raiders movie modes
- next scene now worth 1 million+
- added difficulty to temple levels 4 & 5

V 01.11 - 9-May-2008
- added new sounds and speech

V 01.10 - 7-May-2008
- added new sound effects and speech to movie mode jackpots

V 01.09 - 6-May-2008
- added german rule (dots only), added movie "completed" speech, super jackpots added to choreography at grail eject, fixed map audits, fixed grail eject choreography when making a super jackpot at the grail eject, added scores for lighting mystery, tweaked raiders difficulty, added super spinner sounds, fixed grace period jackpots/supers

V 01.08 - 5-May-2008
- bumpers now make sounds during movie modes, no silence during hstd enter initials start, added super spinner rule, removed message from ramp entrance rule (just shows artwork), fixed mystery dink sound, new raiders start/bg light effects, cleaned up indyjones lamps during temple/crusade, x marks the spot stops flashing during start choreography.

V 01.07 - 2-May-2008
- cairo swordsman, gross hurry ups are now paused ( by pop bumpers, mball devices, etc..), tweaked extra ball, shoot again, special lit speech/sounds/choreography, made last crusade (movie 1) a little harder (now that timers are paused), made raiders (movie 1) a little easier to help balance the average scores between movies, tweaked mystery speech/priorities, add art to big points, x marks the spot announces when it is over.

V 01.06 - 1-May-2008
- added speech to end of ball bonus & gross hurry ups. Ramp display effects come up faster so you can read text, Temple doors now use a larger font

V 01.05 - 30-April-2008
- added Final Adventure, added speech, sounds to final adventure jackpots/supers.
- Kingdom resets at 50 ramps. Final Adventure resets movie modes. The order of Movie
- modes scenes 2/3/4 can now be changed via the pops.
- added new ramp ball stop driver to stop ball on the ramp which now stops the ball for all ramp awards
- new final mode music, added extra choreography, added speech to xmarks the spot
- added speech for MAP completions

V 01.04 - 28-April-2008
- special rule added, slings toggle outlanes, fixed a problem where the jones award was not correctly indicating that a target was scored, last crusade/raiders/temple now have new background and total pages, removed little points from mystery, added special to mystery, fixed mystery sounds (via return lane)
- added new sound effects and speech to movie mode jackpots

V 01.03 - 24-April-2008
- new skill shot 'dink' sound, new enter initials 'dink', new kingdom eject and jackpot sounds, added temple and raiders movie modes 4 & 5.
- added new sounds and speech

V 01.02 - 23-April-2008
- Added ball search for the Ark device. If there are too many balls in the game, then ball search is started when the start button is pressed. This is a fix for the person who takes the balls out of the Ark by hand and puts them in the trough.
- Corrected the switch debounce times (close and open) for the trough jam device.
- fixed overlapping text in bonus display effect (Spanish), added light shows to raiders last crusade & temple awards
- added hstd initials music & f/x

V 01.01 - 22-April-2008
- fixed text on bonus screen (italian text was too large)
- made 'next scene' display effect higher priority than bumpers
- added many new sound effects to movie modes


Music : David D. Thiel
Sound Effects : David D. Thiel
Custom Voice Session Direction : David D. Thiel

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