In Search of the Golden Skull [Model MT4627]

Unreleased Atari 2600 cart. published 41 years ago by M Network

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In Search of the Golden Skull [Model MT4627] screenshot

In Search of the Golden Skull © 1983 M Network.

You're engaged in a worldwide search for a priceless artifact - a solid gold, prehistoric human skull. Use the treasure map to determine the Golden Skull's location, then begin your perilous search. Along the way you'll encounter air battles, steaming swamps and the pyramid maze. How far will your observation take you?

The game starts out outside the mansion in the courtyard maze. You must carefully make your way towards the mansion while avoiding the lion which roams the maze. If you see the lion heading your way you can temporarily hide behind one of the bushes, but doing so is rather tricky. If you manage to make it to the mansion doors, the real fun begins.


Model MT4627


Unreleased prototype

Mattel asked Video Soft to do In Search of the Golden Skull instead of their normal Atari 2600 contractor APH. The game was never completed and only a playable demo was produced. The game was most probably cancelled because it would have required the use of a 16K ROM and 2K RAM cartridge, and was a 2600 product only. Mattel didn't want spend that kind of money for only one version of the game so it was quietly killed off. The ROM file of this game exists, but has not been released, most likely due to copyright issues.


Programmer: Jerry Lawson