Ikari Warriors II - Victory Road [Model NES-VR-USA]

Nintendo NES Cart. published 30 years ago by SNK of America

Ikari Warriors II - Victory Road [Model NES-VR-USA] screenshot

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Ikari Warriors II - Victory Road © 1988 SNK Corp. of America.

Export release. Game developed in Japan. For more information about the game itself, please see the original Japanese release entry; "Ikari II - Dogosoken [Model KAC-DS]".

Description from the back cover:

When we last saw Paul and Vince, they had saved the Colonel and were about to head for home in a special plane given to them by the General. But then, while in flight over the ocean, the sky suddenly blackens - the ocean begins to churn - and the plane goes spinning! A booming voice fills the cockpit: "Hear me, Warriors! Zang Zip, the War Dog, has enslaved the people of Earth. Only you can save us from his grip of evil!" Caught in a time warp, hurled thousands of years into the future, Paul and Vince know they have no choice but to meet this impossible challenge head-on. After all, they are professionals... they are the Ikari Warriors!


Cartridge ID: NES-VR-USA


Released in April 1988 in the USA


* Continues (USA version only): Press A,B,B and A right after you die to continue. It however only works three times for the final boss fight.

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