Ikari III [Model KAC-3D]

Nintendo Famicom cart. published 31 years ago by KAC

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?III © 1990 KAC [K.Amusement Lising Co.].
(Ikari III)

Ikari III is an action game by KAC and conversion of the arcade game of the same name originally released by SNK in 1989. The 'Crime Ghost', a secret organization led by the ruthless and megalomaniac commander Fausuto (aka 'Faust'), is poised to take over the world. In their pursuit of global domination, they have kidnaped the president's daughter and threaten to kill her if he doesn't step down from his position. His only hope is to summon the Ikari Warriors, and to convince them to rescue Erisu (aka 'Elise') from the enemy organization. Ikari III follows a radically different approach than its predecessors - both Ralf and Clark use their fists and feet as their primary weapons instead of their trademark machine guns and grenades. Thus, the meat of the game is to fight off swarms of enemy troops, and to throw combination of punches (A), kicks (B) and jump kicks (A+B) at them. However, the warriors can still collect temporary weapons along the way, all of which have very limited ammo (10 shots for the machine gun and a single throw for the grenades). The machine gun does a come-back during some of the boss battles though, and the player is granted unlimited ammunition until they finally bite the dust. Ikari III features six levels, exclusive cutscenes and a two simultaneous player mode.

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Cartridge ID: KAC-3D


Ikari III for Famicom was released on March 16, 1990 in Japan for 5600 Yen.

Ikari III was an arcade game by SNK originally released in 1989. With this installment, the series curiously departed from its traditional roots and relied on a beat'm up gameplay rather than an all out run'n'gun approach. The graphics changed accordingly and the character's sprites were much larger on the screen (which certainly was much more appropriate for this genre). Also, and unlike the first two episodes, Ikari III was structured into distinct levels. The Famicom port tested here shows significant differences - sprites are (obviously) a lot smaller on screen, the stages' layout is slightly different and features exclusive new bosses and enemies. The player can also only move and shoot in four directions instead of eight and the knife is nowhere to be seen. Finally, an exclusive underwater scuba diving level was added as well as cutscenes. Interestingly, the Japanese Famicom version only features three continues, unlike the American NES version which allows unlimited continues.


Programer: Lonly Heart, Kattoi 2A03
Director: Oba
Designer: Tessa I, Tazen Sakamoto, Oh! Toki., Y. Maeda, Manoru....!, Gagamaru, Gero.Gero
Sound Composer: Kidon, Yoko.O, Hinjakun
Special Thanks: John.Guso, Kohyan
Producer: Eikichi Kawasaki


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