Iga Ninden Gaiou [Model NBCD3003]

NEC PC-Engine CD-ROM published 25 years ago by Nichibutsu

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Iga Ninden Gaiou © 1993 Nichibutsu.

Iga Ninden Gaiou is an action game by Nichibutsu where the player takes control of a Samurai/Ninja who must rescue his lovely girlfriend. The game takes place in Ancient Japan where sword fights meet mystical magic and demons... but not only as later stages even transport the player to futuristic worlds and cities. The main character uses his sword most of the time to defeat his enemies. But he can also charge up and throw knives. RUN can also launch a mystical attack. But use those wisely as they are only available in a limited quantities. As expected in this sort of game, a boss awaits for you at the end of each stage and unlocks new powers and weapons when defeated.
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BARCODE: 4960641040031


Iga Ninden Gaiou was released on December 10, 1993 in Japan for 7900 Yen.

Game's CD.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com