ICBM Attack

Bally Astrocade cart. published 41 years ago by Spectre Systems

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ICBM Attack screenshot

ICBM Attack © 1982 Spectre Systems

A ship flies around the screen, and you control a cursor using The Special Controller. You can fire from various ground defenses. This creates an explosion at the spot of the cursor, you can't destroy the ship. Sometimes there will be an extra, unmovable cursor or two. Obviously it's a bit glitchy.


This cartridge was released into the public domain in 2001 by Brett Bilbrey, Mike Toth and Marian Nalepa (Spectre Systems). I.C.B.M. Attack requires a special hand controller to play - it can not be played without it. In 1985 Marian Nalepa said that only about 125 of these cartridges were released because of the difficulty of hand-assembling the controller. Paul Thacker was given access to recordings from BASIC cassettes in Brett Bilbrey's tape collection (the programmer of the game). "I found that some of the recordings labeled ICBM Attack would process, but wouldn't load correctly into AstroBASIC using :INPUT. But then I tried loading them with :RUN, and voila, up pops ICBM Attack. Actually, it's more a demo of ICBM Attack."


Designed by: Brett Bilbrey
Sound by: Marion Nelepa


Game's ROM.