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Hydrosub: 2021

WoW Action Max VHS published 33 years ago by World of Wonders

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Hydrosub: 2021 © 1987 World of Wonders.

Battle Underwater And Airborne Enemies Of The Future.

Take'er down. Deep, deep into the uncharted waters of the 21rst century. Speed through the murky depths of the oceans floor aboard the hydrosub, "Sea Dragon." Captain Jason, whose command spans two centuries is at the helm

Is it the lost world? It's unbelievable! Mechanical crabs, torpedo firing enemy subs. Incredible! Are they man-made or mutations from another civilization?

Surface! Surface! Up There. It's the ornithopters! Dead on! They're firing at us - return fire! It's action packed adventure from beginning to end. Are you ready to come aboard?
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Barcode: 083546037013

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