Hummer Space Adventure

A 11-year-old Coin-op Redemption Game by Bay Tek Games, Inc.

Not emulated in MAME


Hummer Space Adventure © 2007 Bay Tek Games.

Beginning at Level 1, players must stop the light beam on any target to win tickets, or land on the center bonus target to advance to the next level. Play is repeated through Level 2, and then on to Level 3 - where players can win 1000 bonus tickets when they stop the light on the center target.
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Single Specs :
Weight : 260 lbs.
Shipping Weight : 290 lbs.
Dimensions : 25inchW x 44inchD x 58inchH

Double Specs :
Weight : 530 lbs.
Shipping Weight : 600 lbs.
Dimensions : 50inchW x 44inchD x 86inchH


The game was prewieved at the August 2007 AAMA Gala.

Released in September 2007.

The Hummer Space Adventure cabinet is modeled after the world renowned Hummer H2 sport utility vehicle.

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