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House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn

Arcade Video game published 6 years ago by SEGA Amusements, Inc.

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House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn © 2018 SEGA Amusements, Inc.

After a twelve year hiatus, terror returns to arcades with one of the most eagerly anticipated sequels in arcade game history. Considered by many as the brand that defined and popularized the horror game genre, House of The Dead has pushed the limits with every release and Scarlet Dawn is no exception.

Designed as the quintessential zombie horror game, the game was released with a "Super Deluxe" Horror-themed cabinet, with unique 3D molding on the back that gives a sense of zombies trying to escape from the cabinet. A sensor is built into the back to catch people when they look into the dark glass, with a terrifying 3D sculpted zombie that flashes and screams into view right when the user is closest.

The game cabinet also provides what the industry calls a "5D experience." In addition to the 55" HD screen and 5.1 channel surround sound++subwoofer, it also uses integrated air blasts so that players feel explosions and wind. Spot lighting is also used to perfectly create the in-game lighting within the cabinet area. Activate the "X-Treme Audio" feature at the push of a button to feel the vibrations produced by the 50 watt bass shaker in the seat, and console-like force feedback in the guns.

The game itself consists of five epic game missions, with lots of secret items to collect and various special weapons to choose from at the beginning of each level. Designed to be fun for all, players can choose between Normal or Master based on their skill level.


Uses a modified PC that Sega has codenamed "ALLS." Spec is unknown at this time.

The game software is powered by Unreal Engine 4, using hardware that keeps a consistent 60fps while operating at 1080p resolution.

Uses a 55" 1080p HD display; 5.1 surround sound with 50W subwoofer. X-Treme Audio creates a stronger force feedback experience that can be toggled. Cabinet also incorporates multi-color spot lighting over each player and dynamic wind effects.

The light-guns are somewhat similar to the guns used in House of the Dead 4 and Rambo, but have a second handle with an action button. They also use a toggle switch on the side that perfoms the same function as the front action button (switch between weapons). Reloading is handled by slightly moving the gun down in a rapid movement. Internally, the gun uses a force feedback device that is closer to what is found in home console controllers (it does not use the weighted metal rod & solenoid that HOTD4 used).


Announced on January 14th, 2018; began location testing in Akihabara on January 19th. The game was subsequently shown at the JAEPO 2018 trade show in Tokyo in February.

Released on September 13th, 2018 in Japan. North American & European release was on an unspecified date in October 2018. Units first arrived at the Dave & Busters chain, then other locations.

The story takes place after House of the Dead 4, but before House of the Dead 3. Kate Green is still present, while a new AMS agent, Ryan Taylor (brother to James Taylor) joins the fray. The setting takes place within an "old manor" that is reminiscent of the first mansion that you play through in the first House of the Dead. The events begin on 6/12/20XX at 8:00PM.

The North American/European versions of the game do not have any online ( features like the Japanese version does. That version rewards "coins" to the player's account and tracks a level. Otherwise, the game plays exactly the same.


This plays like House of the Dead 4, in that you have an automatic weapon and large crowds of zombies to deal with. Headshots are still the quickest way to dispatch of enemies and reward more points, but you are given two special weapons each chapter that can be used for dealing more damage or clearing out a crowd. Keep in mind that these have limited ammunition.

The game features Normal and Master Modes, the latter being more difficult by not allowing you to use items, but rewarding more points.

There are multiple paths to explore in the game, driving replay value; you can also destroy barrels and crates to uncover hidden items for additional points, but these are always on-screen for only a brief moment.

Boss battles are surprisingly short and are different than previous installments of the game. While damage will appear to be slow, you want to be ready to attack specific targets that will appear; clearing those quickly will deal out the most damage to the specific boss.

The game still uses a letter grading systems that is based upon metrics like accuracy, enemies defeated, critical shots and event performance. Depending upon your overall grade, you can see one of a few different endings after the credits sequence rolls.


1. The House of the Dead (1996)
2. The House of the Dead 2 (1998)
3. The House of the Dead III (2003)
4. The House of the Dead 4 (2005)
5. Loving Deads - The House of the Dead EX (2008)
6. The House of the Dead - Overkill (2009, Nintendo Wii)