Hot Hot Hot - With 3 Bonus Screen Features

Slot Machine published by Bally Mfg.

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Hot Hot Hot - With 3 Bonus Screen Features © ???? Bally.

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* Pearl Diver feature : Select 1 of 3 spin buttons associated with 1 of 3 divers. If a bonus pearl symbol appears below the selected diver along with 1 wild symbol anywhere on the reels, the selected diver will dive down to collect the bonus pearl win.

Bonus Pearl Wins :
White Pearl : 1 to 10 times bet.
Pink Pearl : 2 to 15 times bet.
Black Pearl : 3 to 20 times bet.

If 2 wild symbols appear anywhere on the reels all divers with a bonus pearls below them will dive down to collect bonus pearl wins.

* Sunken Treasure Chest feature : 3 scattered treasure chest symbols awards sunken treasure chest feature. Select 1 of 3 treasure chests to collect bonus win 1 to 25 times amount bet.

* Hot Hot Hot Dive feature : 3 Scattered Hot Hot Hot symbols award the Hot Hot Hot Dive feature. Select 1 of 3 divers. Each diver will collect 5 bonus pearls each worth 1 to 10 times amount bet. Player wins selected diver bonus if win amount equals or exceeds other divers total, selected diver will then dive for golden pearl worth 10 to 100 times amount bet.
PC [MS-Windows] ("101 Bally Slots" - Masque Publishing)
Macintosh ("101 Bally Slots" - Masque Publishing)