Hong Kong Phooey [Model HT043]

A 28-year-old Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass. by Hi-Tec Soft.

Hong Kong Phooey [Model HT043] screenshot

Not emulated in MAME


Hong Kong Phooey © 1990 Hi-Tec Software

Baron Von Bankjob has escaped from jail!

Who comes to the rescue? It's Hong Kong Phooey, emerging from the sticky top drawer of his special file cabinet, with the help of trusty police station cat, Spot. The latest living legend of our time emerges, mask and kimono askew, the indispensable Kung Fu manual tucked firmly inside his pocket.

Otherwise known as the bumbling janitor of Police Headquarters, Penrod Pooch, our hero leaps into the fray. He remains supremely confident of his dazzling footwork, lightning quick reflexes, and keen powers of perception, despite continual trips, flip-flops and bungles. In Phooey's mind, the power imbued through his Kung Fu manual cannot but triumph. In reality, victory over the many colourful villains must be attributed to the backstage manoeuvres of shrewd little Spot.

The Baron's hideout is located in a deserted warehouse somewhere in the docklands. Your task is to locate the Baron and bring him to justice. Although this may sound easy, beware, there are numerous hazards and objects to negotiate.


[Model HT043]