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01 main theme.vgz02 password.vgz03 opening.vgz04 talk.vgz05 the teachings of the mind eye.vgz06 china.vgz07 night, cave.vgz08 command screen.vgz09 encounter.vgz10 dragon tusk.vgz11 win.vgz12 item get.vgz13 hermit.vgz14 chunlan.vgz15 fighting theme 1.vgz16 fighting theme 2.vgz17 victory.vgz18 jungle.vgz19 doctorate.vgz20 kern village.vgz21 twirl ruins.vgz22 maradora appearance.vgz23 maradora.vgz24 discovery.vgz25 subway.vgz26 daimajin.vgz27 heavenly nymph.vgz28 vs tournament.vgz29 player out.vgz30 hallelujah.vgz31 jingle.vgz32 jingle 2.vgz