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Highlander - The Last of the MacLeods [Model J9031E]

Atari Jaguar CD published 29 years ago by Atari Corp.

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Highlander - The Last of the MacLeods © 1995 Atari Corp.

You are Quentin MacLeod last of the immortals and hope of all mankind. You discover your true identity after the death of your mother and the destruction of your village. As she died, your mother told you of your true destiny - to save mankind from the evil immortal, Kortan.

Ramirez, one of the good immortals, will aid you in your task. Your first quest is to rescue the remaining villagers (the Dundees) from Kortan's stronghold. Be careful or your first quest will be your last.

Includes Cinepak sequences from the animated series

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Released on October 30, 1995.


Director: Stephen A. Mitchell
Producer: Ted Tahquechi
Designers: Jeffrey Gatrall, David Bottomley, Stephen Wadsworth
3D Engine: Andrew Harris, Magenta Software Ltd.
Character Model Artist: Paul Johnson, Magenta Software Ltd.
Project Manager: Andree Rickard
Project Coordinator: Mark A. C. Green
Lead Programmer: Andrew Harris, Magenta Software Ltd.
Jaguar Programmers: Robert C. Dibley, Jakes Mo
Creative Services: Greg LaBrec
Marketing Services: Greg LaBrec
Tools Programmers: Matt Jesson, Chris K. Lowe
Artists: Dave Worton, Stephen Wadsworth, Kevin M. Connolly, Paul Charisse, David J. Harper
Motion Analysis: Carl Swanick, Mark A. C. Green
Cinepak: David Bottomley, Jakes Mo, Dave Worton, Kevin M. Connolly, Paul Charisse
Music: Combatdisk Ltd, Bell X‑1, Paul Charisse
Sound Effects: Combatdisk Ltd, Bell X‑1, Paul Charisse
Motion Actors: Pete Landi, Marc Cass, Ray De Haan, Dave Worton, Stephen A. Mitchell
Voice Actors: Miklos Perkin (Quentin), Ben Campbell (Ramirez), Lawrence Bayne (Kortan), Katie Zegers (Clyde), Don Dickinson (Arak), Lorne Kennedy (Malone), Graham Haley (Mangus), Tracey Moore (Female Favellan)
Lead Tester: Hank Cappa
Testers: Tal Funke-Bilu, Harry Kinney, Lance J. Lewis, Dan McNamee

Director: Frederic Dybowski
Music: Ramon Pipin, Hervé Lavandier
Writer: Serge Rosenzweig
Art Directors: Guillaume Ivernel, Jean-Yves Raimbaud
Line Producer: Christine Blache
Producers: Marc Du Pontavice, Christian Charret
Executive Producers: Peter Davis, William Panzer

Chief Executive Officer: Allen J. Bohbot
President: Ralph Sorrentino
COO: Ralph Sorrentino
Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales: Rick Levy
Senior Vice President, Domestic Consumer Products: Ellen Echelman


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