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High Speed [Model 541]

Pinball published 38 years ago by Williams Electronics Games, Inc.

Listed in MAME

High Speed © 1986 Williams Electronics Games, Incorporated.


Williams System 11
Model Number : 541

Main CPU : M6808 (@ 1 MHz)
Sound CPU : Motorola M6809 (@ 2 MHz), OKI M6808 (@ 1 MHz)
Sound chips : (2x) DAC, HC55516


This game was based on designer Steve Ritchie's real-life high-speed (146 mph) chase from the police in his 1979 Porsche 928.

During its design, it was joking referred to as 'High Cost' by some rival Williams designers, due to the production cost for this game at the time it was made.

High Speed was the first pinball to play a complete song, and also :
The first Williams pinball game to use alpha-numeric displays.
The first diverter in a pinball.
The first 'Kick-Big' (kicker and scoop) in a pinball.
The first use of Auto Percentaging (for replay scores).
The first 'Jackpot' in a pinball, during multi-ball and the first 'Jackpot' that carried over between games.

17,080 units were produced.

The 'Dispatch, this is 504' voices were done by both Steve Ritchie and Larry DeMar who recorded the voices while speaking via 2-way radios.

High Speed target scoring is as follows (summary)
* Slingshots 10 points.
* Spinner 100 points per spin.
* Lit Spinner 1000 points per spin.
* Bumpers 500 points
* Freeway Scores
o 1/ 25,000;
o 2/ 50,000;
o 3/ 75,000;
o 4/100,000;
o 5/Light Extra Ball
* Ramp
o 1/ 50,000;
o 2/ 75,000;
o 3/100,000
* Plunger (starting) 1,000 points
* Stoplight Target 1,000 points
* Outlanes 3,000 points

Design and Concept : Steve Ritchie (SSR)
Software : Larry DeMar (LED)
Sounds : Bill Parod, Steve Ritchie, Eugene Jarvis
Graphic Design by : Mark Sprenger
Backglass : Python Anghelo


Nintendo NES (1991) - developed by Rare.


Game's ROM.