High School Graffitti Mikie

A 34-year-old Arcade Video Game by Konami Industry

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High School Graffitti Mikie © 1984 Konami Industry Company, Limited.

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High School Graffitti Miki is an alternate version of the Konami game "Mikie". Aside from the noticeably different decor in the homeroom (all right, it's only the blackboard), there are several MAJOR differences in this MUCH harder version. Hearts that were normally in glass cases are stacked as piles of three hearts (you only have to time the last heart for Perfects). Furthermore, you can't headbutt in this version, you have to yell, which temporarily stuns enemies EXCEPT FOR your homeroom teacher, who cannot be stopped except by thrown items. Yelling is also much shorter range than headbutting, making timing crucial. Not a version for the weak-reflexed. Most importantly though is that if you take too long in a room, the Classroom teacher can throw what looks like either a necklace or dentures at you. On the plus side, you recover faster from a yell than a headbutt (less lag time) and enemies don't speed up as fast as they do in the other romsets (unfortunately, it seems as though the homeroom teacher will speed up on his own in this romset).
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