Heavy Gear II

Arcade Video game published 21 years ago by Global VR

Heavy Gear II screenshot

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Heavy Gear II © 2000 Global VR.

In the 62nd century mankind has reached out to the stars, colonizing planets throughout the galaxy. One of these is Terra Nova, a rebellious colony divided into Northern and Southern factions. These two factions warred with each other for decades. As HG2 begins, an anti-matter device wipes out the city of Peace River, the home of Terra Nova's most prolific weapons manufacturer. Suddenly, the Northern and Southern leagues are forced into an alliance against a common foe : the Earth forces that have returned to reclaim their territory.


VR Vortek V3 System


Heavy Gear II was released in March 2000 in USA.


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Official website; http://globalvr.com/reviews_heavygear2_intro.html